Circular Fashion - How we are minimising landfill waste

Each year the fashion industry has an oversupply of textiles, crafted into garments, worn, and thrown away only to end up in landfills. It is not only the final product that is thrown away, but along the way in the initial manufacturing process, there is an enormous amount of wastage of fabric offcuts that the garments are cut from, that are also discarded.

The number of discarded textiles is over 100 million tonnes each year! That amount is staggering and our dk active team have taken action to combat this waste. We partnered up with “Textile Recyclers” to work on reducing Australia’s landfill waste and our impact on the fashion and textile industry.

It all starts in the cutting room, to ensure we are making the most of the fabric purchased! Our advanced technology helps to map out the patterns to minimize offcuts. Whatever fabrics offcuts we are left with are then packaged up and delivered by the amazing team at “Textile Recyclers”. From there the fabrics are processed through their eco-friendly plant and spun into new yarn to create brand new fabrics to be repurposed.

A circular economy helps us to create better products for you, contribute to a thriving Australian fashion industry, and most importantly minimize our impact on the environment.

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