dk active has always been for the people and for the planet.

Our Commitment

With our commitment to creating quality garments that support and empower, our locally produced active and leisure wear pieces replace the need to purchase ill-fitting, mass-manufactured, or wasteful clothing. Whether you’re working out or hanging out, dk active empowers you to move freely.

At dk active, we acknowledge everything that we do has an impact on our environment, our planet, and our incredible team. Therefore, our commitment is to initiate responsible business practice in everything that we do, to ensure we leave a lighter footprint on our planet. And it’s a commitment we take seriously. It’s no secret that manufacturing in Australia and competing with fast fashion brands is a challenge. It hasn’t been easy from the start, but it’s a challenge that we have welcomed, in the name of creating a better, and more sustainable product.

Working with a cradle-to-grave philosophy guarantees our sustainable design right from the outset.

The Design Process

Imagining a room full of discarded samples, fabric cut offs or ditched design? Not under this roof.

Our unsuccessful samples are always used and never thrown away. Our staff are welcome to choose from the samples to add to their own wardrobes, and the rest are gifted to organisations and charities that will best make use of them.

We do our utmost to use recycled polyester (also known as regenerated nylon) in our fabrics that require a certain level of stretch. Commitment to sustainability is paramount, so ongoing research and the continued development with our textile mills will ultimately result in a garment that withstands the test of time yet requires no virgin materials.

Change happens in the small details. Let's take a look at ours...

Plastic Free and Compostable packaging

dk active have been shipping with our custom, compostable mailers for some time now. We soon upgraded our sticky tape and shipping labels to a compostable alternative, to ensure that not only was home composting easy and straightforward for our customers, but it gives us peace of mind knowing that no elements of our packaging are adding to landfill or postconsumer waste.

The dk active commitment to creating sustainable clothing in Australia

Is a piece of clothing really worth it if it costs the planet? Here at dk active, we don’t think so. From sourcing sustainable fabrics and shipping parcels in compostable and recyclable bags to reducing our carbon footprint by collaborating with carbon offset delivery partners, ethical manufacturing is at the forefront of everything we do — and every innovative design we create.

As a leading ethical clothing brand in Australia, we’re dedicated to providing our customers with premium quality, mindfully made pieces that are created to surpass fad fashion trends and stand the test of time. With our signature dk active pieces in your athleisure wardrobe, you can get the most out of each wear while bringing a timeless and conscious quality to your ensembles.

As a sustainable brand in Australia that’s paving the way for a more promising future, we’ve always championed transparency. We believe in providing functional, supportive and comfortable activewear that enables eco-conscious customers to move with confidence and proudly wear their values on their sleeve.

Here’s how we’re actioning change as an ethical Australian brand

We understand that everything we do and every move we make impacts Mother Nature, our planet, and our customers' values. Rather than taking the easy way out, we’ve worked tirelessly to use recycled polyester in our fabrics while maintaining strict standards for our suppliers to guarantee we’re partnering with fabric and textile mills that operate on solar power.

Along with responsible business practices that ensure a lighter footprint on our beautiful earth, our organic materials and cotton are woven in Australia — giving us unmatched quality control and absolute certainty in our accreditation and environmental processes. Our headquarters meet every Australian standard for ethical clothing manufacturing, and we run entirely on solar power — making dk active one of the most trusted sustainable Australian clothing brands on the market.

Commit to a brighter future and invest in our ethical Australian clothing

However you like to move, do it with dk active, and invest in an Australian sustainable clothing brand that’s actioning change and designing eco-friendly activewear for a better, brighter, greener future.

Interested in learning more about how we champion sustainability and ethical production? Get in contact with us today, and our team would be happy to provide you with information about our sustainable clothing brand in Australia.