Four Quick Questions with Ash Paraskevas

We caught up with our favourite surfer girl Ash and asked her a couple quick questions over coffee. 

Tell us a little about yourself? 
Sure thing, my name is Ashira (Ash for short)! I am a social media junky; I love using it to express my creativity and advocate for mental health, body positivity and living a more authentic life around self-love and acceptance.

What does a typical morning look like for you?

Depends! I am working on more consistency with my mornings, but they usually always involve doggy cuddles, feeding my rabbits, going to yoga or moving my body somehow. I then take my medication for my mental health (anti-depressants and anxiety), followed by a yummy breakfast like scrambled tofu on toast and a cold shower to start the day!

 How do you practice self-care?
Honestly, my most significant act of self-care every day is just remembering to be kind to myself and repeating my affirmations in my head throughout the day when I catch myself being critical. That and also make sure I take my medications and see my psychologist, haha!

 How do you stay active in mind and body? 
By doing things that make my soul happy! I have learnt that exercise doesn't have to be "the gym" - it's not something that needs to be a forced activity. Instead, it can be a dance, a swim, a run in the park with your dog or yoga. I love doing group workout classes, going at my own pace, doing it for fun, endorphins, and being part of a community, not to lose weight or out of obligation. That's what helps me stay active in my body! In my mind, meditation has saved my life so many times that I know I need it for my health, so it's second nature. 


You can follow Ash and her daily journey here!