Three Minutes with Pala Negara from Ex on The Beach

We caught up with the beautiful Pala and asked her how she takes care of her body and mind. Practicing self care should be on everyone's radar so you can shine from the inside out. 

  Pala is wearing the Daze Crop and Daze Bike Pant

Pala is wearing our Daze Crop and Daze Bike Pants

What’s your favourite way to keep active?

I love to begin my mornings with a quick 45 minute HIIT training session. This gives me a rush of feel good endorphins so I can begin the day with a positive mindset, ready to take on my work for the day and juggling my two toddlers activities and needs. 

In the early evening I love to ground our energy from the day by walking to the beach which we are blessed to have at the end of our street, I find this settles my toddlers before bath and bed time and gives me a chance to breathe, wash the day away and settle in for the night, preparing for a new day ahead.

How do you practice self care?

Self care is such an important part of my life. I’ve learnt the hard way that when you care for everyone else and not yourself, you are more likely to reach extreme burnout and the world can feel like it’s falling on top of you. 

I love to nurture my body with scrubs and hot and cold shower therapy while drinking a fresh smoothie or juice. I speak words of affirmation to myself while I do this so my body knows and feels I love and appreciate everything it does for me. The words you speak are powerful and your body responds to what you say and feel. A powerful saying I love to remember is “your words are your wand.”


Pala is wearing the chloe crop and casper shorts

Pala is wearing the Chloe Crop and the Casper Shorts