Recover in Comfort: Introducing the Postnatal Support Collection by dk active

After giving birth, a woman's body undergoes significant changes, and it's essential to give your body the support it needs during this special time. That's where dk active's Postnatal Collection comes in! Women's health physiotherapists, exercise physiologists, and clinical Pilates instructors collaborated on this collection to ensure it provides targeted postpartum recovery support.

One standout piece from the Postnatal Collection is the Postnatal Support Recovery Leggings. These leggings were trialled, tested, and refined on a group of 10 women in their fourth trimester, ranging in size from Small to XL, over a month-long period. In addition to the super high waist and supportive fit, these leggings feature targeted compression to assist with the recovery of all abdominal regions. They're designed to aid with the recovery of Diastasis Recti (Abdominal Separation) and post-birth recovery, making them suitable for both natural and cesarean births, as well as general post-surgical compression support.

What's most impressive about the Postnatal Support Recovery Leggings is that they're designed to not look like a medical garment, yet they still provide all the benefits of one!  Because you deserve to look your best on the journey to feeling your best. The internal power mesh support fabric is built into the front waistband and encased inside the compression fabric, so there's no chafing or skin irritation from the mesh. The low, flat seam at the front sits comfortably under a cesarean scar, and the slight hourglass shaping at the waist supports the left and right lumbar regions.

The dk active Postnatal Leggings are made of ECONYL® regenerated Nylon, which ensures a perfect fit, has efficient shape retention power over time and the correct muscular compression due to its four-way stretch. For a supportive postpartum recovery period, this collection is exactly what you need.

If you're unsure about sizing, dk active offers free returns and exchanges to ensure you find the perfect fit. The Postnatal Collection is designed to be supportive enough to aid recovery while still enabling the activation of your own muscles, ensuring that the garments feel supportive, not restrictive. The Postnatal Collection from dk active provides new mothers with the support they need during this vital time, allowing them to focus on their recovery and wellbeing.


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