The Making of dk active | A Look Behind the Brand

Do you know who made your clothes?

We do! If there's a large theme resonating throughout the fashion industry today, it’s the question of sustainability and traceability. This is where dk active comes in. 

It’s no secret that manufacturing in Australia and competing with fast fashion brands is a challenge. It hasn’t been easy from the start, but it’s a challenge we’ve welcomed, in the name of creating a better, and more sustainable product.

At dk active, our activewear is proudly manufactured in Brisbane Australia, under the roof of our solar powered factory. We strive to change the game in fashion and Australian design.

We shouldn’t just be asking what our clothes are made of, but who made them and how those people are treated. dk active has made a commitment to creating quality garments that support and empower local manufacturing. We believe that by investing in Australian manufacturing we can create jobs, support local communities and reduce our environmental impact. 

Our factory, processes and products are local, open, and transparent… all proudly located in Brisbane, Australia in our solar powered premises. Take a sneak peak behind the brand and let us show you around!



We want to make sure that future generations are wearing quality garments that look good, feel good, and can be worn again and again. We have been working hard on improving our processes and materials, so that we can offer more sustainable options to customers in Australia and around the globe. We believe that this is an important part of creating a more equitable fashion industry for the future. 

The result is a whole new way to shop for activewear. Instead of looking for mass-produced items at low prices, you can choose from a range of locally sourced pieces that will last longer, fit better and keep you looking good while you stay active.