Why Is Australian Made So Important?

If your online shopping addiction is causing you a bit of moral strife, it may be time to consider keeping your purchases close to home. Choosing brands that manufacture responsibly is becoming easier and easier, as more consumers demand transparency and high ethical standards from their favourite brands.


The oversaturation of fast fashion and the advertising that permeates our everyday life is almost inescapable - with constant email blasts, suspiciously accurate Facebook ads or alluring Instagram stories. It’s no wonder most of us hit that “Buy Now” button to get that dopamine hit.


This being said - shopping isn’t a bad thing! But there are definitely ways to be more mindful with your purchase decisions.



Here at dk active we want to make sure we are setting a standard that we are proud of, and help pave the way for slow, sustainable, and environmentally conscious fashion to come to the forefront.


When you shop with dk active not only are you helping to support the Australian workforce via the jobs we have created, but contributing to a ripple effect of positive development for the Australian fashion industry. We aim to give back and help inspire change for the future, by working closely with our local TAFEs; offering internships, mentoring and much more.


Our goal is to keep challenging ourselves to constantly seek new ways of minimizing environmental impact, whilst continuing to responsibly manufacture high quality, technical clothing that stands the test of time.