Here For A Good Time, Not A Long Time

We’re always looking for the next step in levelling up our environmentally responsible business practices here at dk active. 

With Plastic Free July in full swing, we are excited to finally launch our highly anticipated biodegradable bags! Ever seen an office of people getting excited over post satchels? Our delivery courier thought it was weird too, but he’s starting to get used to our hijinks now. 



Our new satchels contain D2W plastic, meaning that they will biodegrade in a similar way to a leaf; breaking down until there’s nothing left. D2W accelerates this breakdown and ensures there is no trace of toxic plastic left behind.

Once you open up your brand new dk active parcel, you’ll find that your garments are wrapped in a wash bag, an initiative we’ve been running since our inception. These wash bags are made from recycled plastic, so help to reduce the amount of plastic found in landfill - all while keeping your dk active safe while you wash it!

We design your dk active to last and advocate for taking care of your garments so they last you for years to come, reducing your yearly spend on fast fashion (not to mention the environmental consequences). 


How have you reduced your plastic use this July? Let us know your tips in the comments below!