Be body positive with our women’s activewear range!

Getting active is one of the most positive changes you can make to your lifestyle. It improves your health and fitness and gives you more confidence, inside and out. At dk active, we believe an active lifestyle is for everyone – and we want to help you to love your body and live life to the fullest!

This is why we have put together an extensive collection of women’s activewear online, with styles and designs to suit every woman. Whatever your shape and size, we want you to enjoy your favourite sports and feel great about taking part in the activities you love. Getting active is so much more fun when your new ethical activewear makes you feel good!

Sustainable women’s activewear Australia

dk active is all about giving yourself the best levels of care. We’re passionate about helping all women to be body positive, promoting wellbeing and boosting the confidence of women everywhere! We stay on top of all the latest trends in women’s activewear, so you can set the style standards every time you visit the gym or step onto the field.

We’re also passionate about caring for our planet – and we know you are, too! This is why all of our clothing is made from sustainable, ethically produced fabrics which have only minimal environmental impacts. We personally visit our suppliers to make sure their practices match our ethos, giving you complete peace of mind.

In addition, all of our activewear is produced right here in our factory in Australia! This means we can personally oversee all production practices, guaranteeing you that every item of clothing you purchase from us has been produced to the very highest standards from the finest quality materials.

We value you and your place in the wonderful world we live in! Promoting body confidence and ethical manufacturing is essential to creating communities of like-minded people. So, when you want to get active, choose dk active!

Buy women’s activewear for all sports

Whatever your chosen sport, we’ve got the right clothing for you. Our tank tops are ideal for pairing with pants or shorts whenever you want to hit the gym or give your best performance on the track.

Made from comfortable, breathable fabrics, our activewear will keep you cool as you exercise, offering all the flexibility and freedom of movement you need to excel in your sport and smash your personal best!

Or, if yoga or dance is more your style, we can help you here, too, with our range of women’s tights and supportive crop tops. They're all designed to move with your body and offer you maximum flexibility.

With a huge variety of styles, colours, and designs to choose from, all of our pieces are easy to mix and match, so you can achieve a different look every time you hit the gym, track, or dance studio!

We can even help you look great in the water or on the beach. Our range of swimwear caters for all shapes, sizes, and body types, with flattering one-piece designs and streamlined two-pieces that enable you to beat your best lap times or simply look fantastic at the spa. This beach-ready collection is ideal for summer days with friends on the sand or by the pool, or having fun in the water with the family on weekends! Many of our garments feature UPF 50+ ratings, so be sure to check out the product page, or enquire with our customer service team to find the right garment for you.

It’s never been easier to find the right activewear to suit the person you are. Whatever sports and activities you choose, our activewear is designed to support & inspire you to surpass all your own expectations and give a great performance every single time.

We also understand that you need your activewear to be as strong and durable as possible, so it will last a long time into the future and offer you the best value for money. This is why we make all of our garments to the highest possible standards, using fabrics that are tough as well as moisture-wicking and highly attractive. This creates even more confidence – if you know you can rely on the clothes you wear, you can concentrate all your energy on achieving ever greater standards in your sport or workout.

Love your body every day

We believe every person should feel body positive and have confidence in themself. This is why we offer women’s activewear ranges to suit all body types. If you’re a curvy woman, you’ll love our Embrace range, which combines comfort and support with cutting-edge style. Now you can enjoy clothing that enables you to give your very best performance, whatever your chosen activity!

And, if you have a little one on the way, this doesn’t mean the fun has to stop! You can stay fit and healthy during and after pregnancy and birth, thanks to our maternity range of activewear. Designed especially for expecting and new mums, this clothing offers comfort, breathability, and style, allowing you to exercise gently and keep yourself in the best possible condition to welcome your new baby into the world.

Getting active is fun with dk active! We want everyone to feel wonderful in their own skin, creating a generation of men and women who can take the lead in inspiring others.

Women’s activewear for casual occasions

We love activewear so much that we don’t think it should be confined to the gym, track, or pool! Our collections are so effortlessly wearable that they’re ideal for casual social occasions with friends or relaxing at home by yourself or with those you love. Designed for the ultimate comfort as well as style, our clothing is exactly what you need to slip into at the end of a long day or for enjoying lazy weekends.

Our dresses give activewear a fun, feminine twist, while our collection of tops can be dressed up or down to create a huge variety of images for different occasions. Our items are easy to pair with different styles of shoes and jewellery making it easy for you to create numerous different looks just from having a few key versatile pieces in your wardrobe. Whatever your personal sense of style, you’ll find the perfect garments in our collection to help you express yourself!

And, when you need exactly the right outerwear to throw over the top of your outfit, you can’t go wrong with our jackets and hoodies. Offering effortless casual style and comfort, these are the ideal items to take with you everywhere at all times of the year!

dk active isn’t just a clothing range – it’s a lifestyle, and we want to help you love living life to the fullest. You don’t need to be a sports fanatic to love our activewear! We want you to discover the joys of activewear, and let us help you to be totally positive about your body, We’re always on your side, and we want to work together to create a better world, where everyone can feel great about themselves and each other and where we can all do our bit to protect the precious resources of our planet for future generations to enjoy.

Buy women’s activewear online

At dk active, we want to make it as easy as possible for you to get your hands on the activewear you love! Our online payment system is straightforward and completely secure, so you can have peace of mind whenever you place an order with us.

We process all orders as quickly as possible, and we offer flat-rate shipping on all women’s activewear in Australia, so you can order as much as you want without paying any extra. And, if you spend $100 or more in a single order, we’ll ship it to you absolutely FREE! You can expect your order to arrive in between two and seven business days, so you won’t have to wait long to enjoy your fabulous new purchases!

If you’re looking for some of our latest trends, you can check out our Sale page – where we showcase what we love at the moment. Or, if there’s another women’s activewear devotee in your life and you want to give them the ultimate treat, why not consider purchasing one of our Gift Vouchers? These make ideal gifts for mums, sisters, and daughters, as well as any sports fans or fashion gurus you know and love! You can purchase dk active gift cards for a number of different values, so whether it’s a one-off gift for someone special or you want to treat all your family members, we can make it possible!

So, what are you waiting for? You can shop our collections of women’s activewear here, and take your first step towards a new, more active, more confident lifestyle. Because there’s never been a better time to learn to love yourself.

Finding the perfect piece of activewear can feel like an uphill battle. You want something comfortable, stylish and practical. However, a lot of activewear out there can’t achieve all these things at once.

That’s why when we set out to create the dk active women’s activewear range, we wanted to be different. We wanted to design crop tops, tights, hoodies and bike pants that could help you feel and look great while also being the perfect training companion.

When it comes to activewear, there’s no use looking great in your tank and tights but feeling restricted and uncomfortable when you go for a walk or hit the gym for a workout. That’s where our range of women’s activewear can help.

Designed with moisture-wicking properties, ultra breathability and stretch technology, you will always feel cool, dry and comfortable in our activewear. Further additions like muscular support properties mean that you’re guaranteed compression and balance of movement.

Ethical & Australian Made Women’s Gym Clothing 

Ethically made in Australia, the dk active range is responsible for the environment and those who wear our clothes. While you enjoy the support of cleverly designed activewear, you can also take comfort in the fact that you are doing your bit for the environment when you shop our recycled activewear range.

At dk active, we use a variety of different fabrics so that everyone can find the perfect fit and feel for their body. No matter what fabric you choose for your women’s activewear, you can be sure that it meets our ethical standards.

Designing garments with environmentally responsible fabrics, rather than conventional ones, means our activewear is kinder to the environment. Our activewear is also made from a carefully selected group of textiles where they pass the internationally recognised standards that deem them to be free of any toxic chemicals. 

Our range of women’s ethical activewear doesn’t compromise on technical features either. Instead, we’ve created an activewear range that is the complete package. So, whether you like bralettes and tights or hoodies and bike pants, you can be sure that dk activewear is designed for the health of the environment and the comfort of every person.