Which Fabric Is Right For You?

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Here at dk active we use a variety of different fabrics to make sure that there’s an option for everybody and every body. Everyone wears their activewear differently, so we offer a variety of fits, styles and fabrics for you to choose from. 

Our fabric manufacturers are carefully selected to ensure that they meet our ethical and environmental standards. After the initial stage of selecting the manufacturers, we request minimal quantities of the fabric for sampling. We create a sample garment from this fabric, which is then trialled in our HQ gym along with multiple wash and wear tests to ensure the fabric meets our standards. We are passionate about quality, the environment and ethical processes. 

Featured on each product description on our website and on the swing tags of dk garments are our icons, which showcase the features & benefits of that particular item.




With the vision in mind of creating a supplex lycra that was not only buttery soft but also squat proof, we worked closely with our fabric manufacturer for over a year until we were satisfied with the final product. 

This fabric is quick-drying, so it's perfect for high intensity workouts or lighter coloured styles.

Although this fabric is lycra, it has a matte finish and feels like cotton. Perfect for everyday wear or comfortable day looks. If you prefer a less intense fit, yet still supportive, this is the fabric for you! 



Our luxurious Italian lycra is the diva of our fabric selection, with lots of high performance features that make it perfect for a variety of workouts and active styles. Not only is it 100% squat proof, but it is also ultra-supportive and provides slight compression to aid in faster muscle recovery. This fabric also boasts a UPF50+ rating, so is safe for outdoor workouts, but don’t forget to slip, slop and slap!

If you prefer a slightly compressive fit, choose items made from our Italian lycra.



Environmental responsibility is at the forefront of everything we do, so we are very proud to use ECONYL® recycled nylon for a large portion of our active and swimwear collections. 

Actively helping to reduce landfill and ocean waste, our regenerated nylon contains yarn spun from nylon offcuts either salvaged from the ocean or destined for landfill. 

With an opaque and squat proof weave, this fabric is suited to any type of workout. Slightly more lightweight than our Italian Lycra, if your workouts heat up quickly or you’re looking for a warm weather option, our regenerated lycra is for you. It also has a UPF50+ rating and is swim safe! So you can take any of your Regenerated Nylon items to the beach or pool. 

REVIVE REGENERATED NYLON - If you like the firm and supportive fit of our Italian Lycra but are looking for something extra sustainable, our Revive fabric is for you! 

This fabric is super supportive, making it ideal for high impact workouts and core support. This is a low shine fabric and it also boasts a UPF50+ rating!

COTTON BLEND FLEECE  - One of our most comfortable fabrics, our fleece-lined cotton blend is a winter favourite! 

With a soft and breathable cotton outer, these pieces pair perfectly with active or denim pieces to layer up for extra warmth. A cosy fleece lining keeps your body heat close to the skin so you can stay toasty. Minimal stretch, so size up if you like your jumpers or track pants a little on the bigger side. 

COTTON Basically everything that you want your cotton to be, this fabric is breathable and free of any toxic chemicals. It’s ultra lightweight, breathable, soft and super wearable. Perfect for everyday wear, or paired with your crop and tights for a workout. 

GOTS CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON - Certified by the world’s leading processing standard for textiles (Global Organic Textile Standard), this fabric is made from organically produced raw materials. It includes strict environmental and social criteria for operations along the entire supply chain. This cotton is soft, breathable and durable, making it the ideal all-rounder for active and everyday wear. 


REGENERATED NYLON LINERSTime for a fun fact: all of the liners on our crops are made from regenerated nylon! The polyester yarn this fabric is composed of is made from single use bottles that were destined for landfill. So there’s an added bit of sustainability in every crop - even if you don’t choose a recycled fabric. 


A long name for a simple feeling: PURE COMFORT. This French terry fabric is made from bamboo cotton, making it the softest and cosiest fabric you’ve ever touched. 

Ideal for lounging around in, you’ll find this fabric in our athleisure pants, long sleeve tops or hoodies. It still boasts breathability and quick-drying features, so you can wear these pieces on your run or to a weights session.


MODAL - A popular option for some of our tops and hoodies, modal is very lightweight and has a beautiful drape, meaning that it makes a flattering option for any activity. 

It feels lighter than cotton and has a bouncy, stretchy weave. Ideal for low impact workouts or staying comfortable off-duty. If you’re not a fan of clingy or sports-type fabrics, this is the one for you!


CHARCOAL BAMBOO - Ideal for those with sensitive skin, allergies or simply those who prefer natural fabrics, our bamboo charcoal is ultra soft and comfortable. This super breathable fabric is ideal for working out or hanging out in, you will love the lightweight feel that molds comfortably to your body. 


ENERGISE - Our Energise sports fabric works just as hard as you do! This super breathable and high performance fabric wicks moisture away from the skin to keep you cool and dry. It has four-way stretch and keeps its shape after lots of wash & wear. 

This fabric feels lightweight and slinky, whilst still having a durable construction. It doesn’t cling and it allows sweat to quickly draw away from the skin, so if you’re looking for a fabric that can keep up with your workouts, this is it!


ADAPT ITALIAN LYCRA - A popular option for cooler weather, the Adapt Italian lycra feels a little thicker than our Italian lycra. It has a soft, matte finish and feels more like cotton than lycra. 

It has the firmness you know and love from our lycras, but doesn’t compromise on comfort. If you love the softness of our Elixir Supplex and the firmness of our Italian Lycra - this fabric is your dream come true. 


BRUSHED/LIGHTWEIGHT ITALIAN LYCRA - Our lightweight Italian lycra is a popular choice for Summer workouts or any high intensity sessions when you want to keep your cool. It’s also a great choice for everyday wear when you want something low key and comfortable. 

We would recommend this fabric for any type of workout and for customers looking for a lightweight and non-compressive fit. 



Our Flexi Lycra offers a compressive and firm fit, aiding in faster muscle recovery and a reduction in lactic acid build up. This makes it ideal for high intensity workouts and also colder weather as it is a thicker construction. 

Perfect for those who like their activewear super snug and with a slight sheen to the fabric. 



A mid-weight option that helps to keep you cosy pre and post-workout, this relaxed and comfortable fabric keeps you comfortable in the form of long sleeve tops, jumpers and track pants from the dk active range. 

A heavier and smoother feel than cotton, if you’re looking for a warmer option then Ponte is for you! There is minimal stretch to this fabric, so if you’re in between, we recommend sizing up. 


ADVANCE & MONO - These super stretchy fabrics allow full range of motion with no discomfort or restrictions, making them ideal for versatile shorts.

This fabric is matte, super lightweight and perfect for wearing in or out of the water with comfort. 


SPORTS PLUS - A durable construction and technical features made this fabric a go-to for our men’s range. It wicks moisture away quickly and has four way stretch technology so that it won’t restrict your range of motion. 



A fabric popular in our range since we first began, this super versatile and functional option can be found in our tees and tanks as well as long sleeved tops. It’s the ideal fabric for anyone regularly on the go. It feels light and soft to the touch, with a subtle hint of texture through the fabric.


ITALIAN SOFT - Often found in our tops and shorts, Italian soft feels liquid against the skin. It’s incredibly lightweight and comfortable, so we love wearing it for afternoon walks or yoga class. Perfect for those looking for a relaxed fit and a super soft and comfortable vibe. 


JERSEY/COTTON JERSEY - When utilising jersey fabrics in our collection, comfort is key! This fabric is characterised by a soft and stretchy feel and is super lightweight. If you’re looking for a style that is suited to everyday wear and keeps you cool and comfortable - jersey is key!


Still unsure which of our fabrics is right for you?

Email our Customer Service team here with any questions you may have and we'll be in touch as soon as possible!