Rhiannon Tracey “create a life full of purpose”

One of the main characteristics of a person with a positive mindset is Optimism. Described as a willingness to make an effort rather than assuming you have nothing to lose. Optimists see the best in all circumstances and Rhiannon is a true embodiment of an optimist. She has created a centre that helps people live more positively and happily.

So who is Rhiannon Tracey? She is the Founder of The Next Step Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Centre, a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to providing the best recovery options in Australia.  She is a motivational speaker, resilience coach, makeup artist and animal advocate. 

Tell us a little about yourself and your journey?  

13 years ago my life changed dramatically after sustaining a spinal cord injury while on holiday in Bali. Since then I have embarked on a journey that would foresee me totally overhauling my health and wellbeing, and even building an entire organisation based on this journey. I am a true believer of having control of the outcome of any challenge or situation we may be faced with, so it was my personal mission to turn my experiences into something positive and create a life full of purpose.

What is your favourite form of self-care?

I think self-care can really be anything that fills your cup. From a walk with your pooches in one of your favourite spots, to a warm bath full of flowers and essential oils. For me this changes with what my body needs on a particular day. That being said, my ultimate ‘treat yourself’ moment is indulging in a good head massage!

Rhiannon is wearing our Odessa Tight and Tallulah Crop in Burnt Orange

Rhiannon is wearing our Odessa Tight and Tallulah Crop in Burnt Orange

What made you open the Next Step Spinal Cord Injury Recovery Centre? And what is in the future for the centre? 

Truly, I created this place based entirely based on the need for holistic recovery options and modalities for those who had experienced trauma, both physically and mentally. It’s interesting because initially when we opened the facility our focus was to support the spinal cord injury community, but as I have evolved and needed support in all aspects of my life (emotionally as well as physically), so too has the facility. It has now become a place for everyone who wants to improve their life.

I definitely have big plans for the facility, to see its space grow into a bigger location as well as to incorporate fully accessible and inclusive wellness retreats. Who know, perhaps there will even be a space for animal therapies! 


How many pets do you have now? And how has your animal friends impacted your life? There are never too many pets haha! But in all seriousness, I want a farm! Full of animals that need love and support just like we do. In saying that, right now I have my 3 dogs and 2 cats who take up a lot of space across my socials, as well as my heart. They are the most nurturing and magical beings and can soothe my soul with a lick of the face or a tail wag. In the early days of my injury my pets were the reason I got up out of bed most days as I knew they needed me, well, in fact, we needed each other.


Rhiannon is wearing our Utopia Tight and Limitless Crop in our Bloom Print.


You can follow Rhiannon’s journey on instagram or learn more here.