Recipe: Yogurt Whip Breakfast Parfait

Danielle Vella is a Lifestyle & Wellness Blogger based in Melbourne. Currently studying Nutrition and Health Coaching. Danielle recently launched Plan Eat Glow, her first collection of downloadable Weekly Meal Planners. Her blog is a curation of healthy recipes, fitness style and sustainable living.  

Danielle shared one of her favourite quick and easy breakfast recipes.  This fun and fruity meal is a spin on a classic yogurt breakfast cup! 


Yogurt Whip Breakfast Parfait 
(Makes 3 serves) 

Ingredients Base 

  • 1 x packet Raspberry Jelly Lite (Aeroplane)
  • 250ml boiling water
  • 300g YoPro Yoghurt Plain (or use your favourite plain yoghurt)

Ingredients Toppings 

  • 300g YoPro Yoghurt Plain (or use your favourite plain yoghurt)
  • Red Tractor Protein Granola or your favourite granola
  • Fresh strawberries or any berries


  1. Empty jelly sachets contents into a jug. Add in 250ml boiling water. Mix till well combined. Allow to cool completely
  2. Once the jelly mix has cooled completely stir through 300g Yoghurt. Mix till blended (best to use a whisk for a perfect consistency)
  3. Grab 3 small to medium size cups or jars. Pour the mixture evenly between all three cups.
  4. Cover and place in the fridge to set completely. This will take a couple of hours or leave overnight and finish preparing when ready to eat.
  5. Once set on one cup, add 100g yoghurt, your favourite granola and fresh berries
  6. Enjoy straight away! 

NUTRITION (all approx. as per ingredients used above) – calories 327, protein 36g, carb 27.5, fat 6.4

Notes – Toppings used in the image 100g Yo Pro Perform Plain, 35g Red Tractor Protein Granola, 10g Wellness Road Soy Protein Crisps & fresh strawberries


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