Some of you may know her as DJ Tigerlily, but dk active know her as Dara the animal activist!  While pursuing her music career Dara has always been a voice for those who couldn’t speak up.  She has always cared for animals and adopted a vegan lifestyle for both health benefits and to protect animals against exploitation. Dara explains in her blog, “Being vegan is more than just a diet; it’s an identity, a lifestyle, and a way of living.” She has been a big advocate for PETA and shares with us her top tips for staying on a purpose driven vegan lifestyle. 


vegan dj tigerlily aka dara in our Clyde Top and Stand Out Tights


You can feel the positivity and passion radiating when she is speaking about her sustainable and mindful lifestyle.  She continues, “Aside from music, living a sustainable and vegan life is one of the things I am most passionate about. This is why I created Our Soul Purpose; to share my passion and inspire others on their vegan journey too.” 



So how does Dara stay active in her sustainable activewear? Well we asked her to share what a typical morning looks like. 

“If I am not on tour, my morning starts off with a coffee and taking Lenny for a walk! I will then do a load of washing and sit down at my desk to get into emails. If I am on tour, it will still include a walk around whatever city I am in or a mad dash to the airport for my flight.” 

Staying active in both mind and body is also worked into her daily routine. Dara explains, “Moving my body is the best thing for my physical and mental health. I am to do at least 30-60 minutes of movement a day. Whether that is a slow walk, a pilates class or doing some weight training, keeping my body active helps so much with my mental health.” 


vegan and animal activist dara lawson aka dj tigerlily with her top 5 vegan mindful tips

DK active is proud to be a PETA approved brand so you know that our activewear will support you through your journey, but not at the expense of animals.  We share the view with Dara and fellow vegans that our animals should not be used for experiments in clothing production. 

Dara’s Top Tips for living a purpose driven vegan lifestyle

  1. Learn how to meal prep.
  2. Veganise your favourite foods! In other words, keep on creating your favourite dishes, but swap them for vegan alternatives.
  3. Educate yourself on veganism before starting and don't feel like you need to transition right away. Slow and steady wins the race!
  4. Never lose touch with why you became vegan.
  5. Look into supplementing in addition to a healthy diet.


Not sure where to begin? Check out the PETA vegan starter link here


Do you have any tips on living a more sustainable and mindful life? Comment your thoughts below.