The Best Things In Life Are Cruelty Free




We just want to best for you at d+ k. That includes our furry friends.

In recent years people have been becoming more involved with the movement of ethical and sustainable living. This growing awareness has lead the public to become more proactive about their daily life choices and ethical values - and the same goes for dk active! 

That is why we are now officially PETA-APPROVED VEGAN certified - to make sure you know we are 100% cruelty-free and vegan friendly!
We don’t just make supportive activewear; we are active supporters of human and animal rights.

But what is a PETA certification?
PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) is an animal rights organisation that is responsible for raising awareness on the issues of animal cruelty. One way PETA helps promote animal rights to the general public is by approving a certification to products and brands that respect their principles (and furry friends) and do not support or use any products of animal origin in their production.

With this certification, we have pledged to PETA’s principles and will continue to respect our animal friends here at d+k.

If you are worried about our products changing - don’t be!

d+k has always been a cruelty-free/vegan brand, we’ve just made it official! Meaning our products will remain as comfortable and supportive as always.

The PETA-approved vegan certification label will now help people recognise dk active as vegan and cruelty-free brand- allowing us to continue being transparent and encourage conscientious shopping with our customers.

Because fashion should be fun, not fatal.