An Ethical Activewear Company's Guide to Boosting Your Brand Imagery Through Photography



Strong, bold, and authentic fashion photography can help boost a clothing company's brand awareness. 


Ask yourself, what does your company stand for? What story do you want to tell? 


The imagery you choose for your brand can help tell this story for you.










"Our message is simple; we're an ethically responsible brand pushing for all-inclusivity in the activewear industry." - dk active. 

Here are three easy-to-implement pointers on how to help boost your brand awareness through photography.
1. Hone in on your brand colours through imagery 
First impressions count, so do second, third, and fourth impressions.

Consider using backdrops or propping that aligns with your brand colours in every one of your images, so your brand becomes instantly recognizable. Take this shot from the Autumn 2020 campaign. They got creative with their backdrops choosing a more neutral palette and not always using it as an actual backdrop. Unrolling it on the floor to give the image that pop of colour and styling the model bent over backward was a beautiful way to highlight the flexibility of the clothes while also giving a nod back to the brand identity. 


2. Know your audience
Strong branding is about knowing who you are and who you serve. A strong mission statement helps your audience connect with your mission and values. Having it on the front page of your website gives brands credibility. When brainstorming brand campaigns, think about your audience.

dk active does this well by using fashion images featuring women of all shapes and sizes in their fashion photography. Through these images, women can relate to other women who look just like them. 
3. Props
Don't neglect the power of a prop. Each item used tells your story.

For example, plants, the outdoors, and green spaces help drive the message of environmental responsibility home for dk active. A clear chair is also used throughout the latest campaign. It symbolizes minimalism, which is in line with the branding here. 

Successful brands use fashion photography to drive the message home of what they represent. That's why so much planning goes into these shoots to make sure no details are overlooked.

When coming up with the mood board for your fashion images, focus on your audience, and dream up images that convey emotion and represent your dream client or customer. 
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