4 Things I Don’t Hate About You #ActivewearEdition


Coffee date? Activewear.
Running errands? Activewear.
Wedding? That’s questionable (but we’re not judging).  
Nowadays there are unlimited activities that deem it appropriate to be slipping into that ever-so-comfortable activewear.


We’re struggling to find anything we’d rather wear, so here are our top four justifications… you’re welcome.


1.       Motivation
It’s almost like drinking your first cup of coffee and feeling ready to face the world... There’s something about putting on your favourite activewear that makes you feel more motivated to make mindful choices throughout the day whether you get your sweat on or not!


2.       Versatility
Let’s face it, there are not many outfits that can seamlessly take you through any activity, whether they are spontaneous or planned. Activewear gives you the ability to be comfortable and squat ready, all while looking effortlessly sports luxe.


3.       Instant mood lift
We like to give those post workout happy endorphins a kickstart just by slipping into activewear.  One UK study* tested the link between mood and clothing, and found ‘happy clothes’ are those that “made a woman feel good - well-cut, figure enhancing and made from bright and beautiful fabrics”. Is it just us, or does that sound like your dk active wardrobe?


4.       Feeling like your best self
Who doesn’t like to be comfortable? If we had to choose between rigid jeans or ultra soft tights that hug and support you in all the right places... well, the choice is obvious.

Originally designed for her own personal wear, company director Danielle created the Highrider Tight for extra core support and to ensure she stayed covered during downward facing dog. She tested and wore them for every workout and soon enough - the Highrider Tight was launched. Without a doubt it’s now a staple in our wardrobe of ‘happy clothing’ (and our best selling tight!).


Now if anyone asks you why you're still wearing your activewear you have some valid talking points, but let’s be honest - you never needed a reason to begin with.