Our Guide To The Best Yoga Studios In Brisbane



If you need a good stretch after working from home all day or you're looking for a tranquil place to find your balance, consider yoga. It's a great way to relieve stress and anxiety, find balance, and move your body. Whether it's been a while since your last practice or your at-home workout apps aren't cutting it anymore, these yoga studios in Brisbane are worth putting on your radar. 

Want to relax, clear your head, and have a stronger body? Us too. Put on your favourite tights and crop, grab a towel and yoga mat, and let your body sink a little deeper into a downward-facing dog. Here are some of the most beautiful yoga studios we've found in your neighbourhood. 









Bend + Fly - West End 

Mix up your workouts at Bend + Fly. This West End Yoga studio offers Power Yoga, Hot Yoga, Yin Yoga, and Aerial Yoga to transform the way you look and feel. This type of exercise is anything but ordinary. With 41 classes per week, you can try different sessions to see what works best for you. If you're a newbie and feeling shy about trying aerial yoga, think again. Bend + Fly is open to all yogis and welcomes beginners. 

Want to check out an online class? Try your first yoga live stream for free using promo code: STREAM

SoHo Yoga - Grange 

Relax, recharge, and restore your body, mind, and spirit with a 75-minute class at Soho. Get ready to align your chakras, disconnect from the outside world, and connect to your inner-self. What more could you want? They also offer live-streaming classes via Zoom so you can destress after a long day. 

Classes worth checking out

  • Rise & Shine focuses on vinyasa style flow.

  • Slow Flow/Restorative for deep relaxation.

Stretch Yoga - CBD + Holland Park 

Connect with yourself in a vibrant space that feels like home. This is your spot if you're looking for reasonable prices and a yoga studio that isn't stuffy with lots of rules. Stretch Yoga has community yoga classes for $6 per person and a variety of workshops to fuel your mind, body, and soul. On a tight budget? Ask about the discount program available for full-time students, pensioners, and seniors. 

Experience live meditations, philosophy chats, and gentle stretches that you try at home via live stream. Unlimited online membership is $49 per month. 

Shri Yoga - CBD 

Stretch your body and free your mind with lunchtime sessions in the middle of the day and guided meditations to help you refocus. Escape the hustle and bustle of the city, and feel empowered in this urban oasis. This studio has plenty of natural light, an altar, and inversion masterclasses so you can take your practice to the next level. Listen to your body, and get in the flow with challenging and restorative sessions that suit your needs. 

New students can sign up for ten consecutive days of unlimited yoga classes for $30. 

Indigo Soul Wellness - Yeronga 

From free enchanted mantra journey meditations to child-friendly barre pilates, get your sculpt on at this Yeronga yoga studio. Indigo Soul has yoga, pilates, and meditation classes in the morning and evening. Searching for a deeper state of relaxation? Get your sweat on in a sound therapy session in their infrared heat sauna. 

Get unlimited classes and 2 x 45 min infrared sauna sessions for $59. (New members only.) 

Get excited - because it looks like most of these Brisbane yoga studios have all re-opened in June. Harness your qi, raise your vibration, and find bliss on your mat. 



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