Three Part Yoga Series - Week Three



Heart opening sequences are a wonderful way to reduce tension in the upper body, to open up the chest and to energise the body. 

We welcomed back our friend Sam (@pritiyogi) for the final week of our three part yoga mini-series in the lead up to International Yoga Day.

If you missed week one, or would like an extra warm up, click here for our first practice. 




Asana List:

Tadasana // Mountain Pose
Uttansana // Forward Fold
Chaturanga // High Plank
Urdhva Mukha Svanasana // Upward Facing Dog 
Adho Mukha Svanasana  // Downward Facing Dog
Bhujangasana // Cobra Pose
Salamba Bhujangasana // Sphinx Pose
Balasana // Child’s Pose
Uttana Shishosana // Extended Puppy Pose
Balasana // Child’s Pose 
Gomukhasana // Half Cow Face Pose arms
Ustrasana // Camel Pose
Balasana // Child’s Pose 


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Sam is an animal loving yoga teacher with a passion for teaching people around the world how to live in abundance of freedom, health, wealth, and happiness! You can find more information on her website, or follow her on Instagram