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It’s no wonder that our exercise tights are amongst our best sellers. They have the ability to shape, support and lift while you’re pounding the streets or aiming for a new squat personal best. We have one of the best selections of gym tights Australia wide, with tights to suit every taste, exercise and body size. We’ve made it our aim to deliver a range of tights and leggings that offer more than just good looks. Our tights won’t dig in, won’t roll down and won’t stretch, sag and bag to leave your legs looking wrinkled rather than toned. They’re super flattering, and look fab in and out of the gym.

Take our running tights. They come in a variety of leg lengths that will flatter and lengthen your leg, plus they incorporate internal pockets, reflective patches and soft elastic waistbands while our gym tights will give you the confidence that comes with knowing that you can squat to your heart’s content safe in the knowledge that the fabric covering your booty won’t turn transparent. And talking of booties, we have tights that are designed to lift and shape and to provide supportive compression for muscles to give you a toned look that will be the envy of other gym-goers.

Try a pair of our gym tights and you’ll see why they’re so popular. For starters they’re made from some of the most technically advanced fabrics with breathable qualities that wick moisture away as soon as the going gets tough. They won’t stretch out and they’ll retain their shape wash after wash.

Plus, in line with our BE YOU campaign, our tights are designed to fit all body shapes and all sizes. We cut them carefully so that they follow the lines of your body to fit like a second skin and, as they come in a variety of lengths, whether you’re tall or short, slim or plus size, you’ll find options that will fit you perfectly. We also offer maternity tights which will accommodating a growing bump, and which do double duty as postnatal exercise wear once the bub makes an appearance.

Choose Australian Made Gym Tights

Of course, there are many exercise tights on the market that offer similar benefits, but how many brands can say that their products are ethically made? At d+k, we have complete confidence in our products and we know exactly, where and how they were manufactured because we make them all ourselves right here in our manufacturing facility in Brisbane. All our exercise clothing is produced with sustainability in mind, so you’re not only getting high quality, high-performance exercise wear, but you’re getting exercise wear with a conscience.

As more and more Australians become aware of environmental issues and of the impact of buying clothing that’s made in less than optimal conditions, we offer the conscientious consumer a way to buy exercise tights in Australia that are not just super stylish but that are ethical too. Plus, when you buy from d+k, you’re helping to support Aussie workers and our own economy.

Pick Up Your Exercise Tights Today

So, why not try a pair of d+k Australian made exercise tights today? We offer the option to purchase using Afterpay or zip and deliver all our products Australia wide.

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You in d+k Australian made exercise tights.

Do you want to feel comfortable while working out and look great at the same time? Then you need to switch over to d+k’s fitness tights.

Buy Workout Tights in Australia

We make and distribute a wide range of fine quality workout tights in different sizes, designs, colours, and lengths. These tights are just what you need for reaching optimal performance in the gym because of the following reasons;

Moisture-wicking - These tights have moisture wicking abilities that absorb moisture from your skin and exports it outward so you won't feel all icky and sticky while working out. The wicking fabric also dries off quickly and prevents you from catching a chill while working out.

Lightweight - The fabric is lightweight and eases movement so you can feel free to move any way you please.

Breathable fabric - Our tights are made of a breathable fabric that will make you feel comfortable and light while you are working out.

Comfortable waistband - These tights have waistbands with encased elastics that don’t push too hard on your tummy or cause those unsightly wobbles on your tummy. You will feel comfy and look great while wearing these tights.

A great look - All of our tights look very stylish so you can look great while working out. The beautiful design of these tights makes them perfect for all sorts of sports, activities and even for comfortable home wear.

Concealing fabric - If you hate tights that become see-through as you flex your muscles, then you will love these tights. They are made of a thickly woven fabric that keeps your body concealed no matter how much your tights stretch as you work out and move.

Workout Tights for Everyone!

Finding the right workout tights can always be a challenge because you want to find clothing that is the right fit for you. Everyone has different body shapes throughout their life and sometimes finding the right fashionable fit isn't easy when all clothing looks like it fits only a few sizes.

At d+k, we understand the need for workout tights that everyone can fit into. Whether you are pregnant or looking to start working out, you should not have to compromise on fashion and effective workout clothing. You also shouldn't have to worry about finding the right size of clothing to exercise comfortably.

All of our clothing is made with materials that come from ethical suppliers that provide a comfortable exercise experience. We also make our clothing to suit all body sizes, making sure that you can feel empowered wearing our activewear no matter what body shape you have.

Be proud of your body no matter what it looks like. Start exercising in comfortable workout tights that fit your body. d+k will help you achieve both of those goals by providing you the activewear that is not only fashionable, but suited to your body shape.

Buy Our Workout Tights Online

Want to get the best workout tights in Australia? We make it incredibly easy to buy workout clothes because you can shop all our tights in different styles, sizes, colours, and lengths directly from our website.

d+k works with afterpay a platform that allows you to make interest-free payments that suits your budget better so you can stock up on more clothing items to support your fitness journey.

Order yours online right now and we can get it delivered to your doorstep in no time at all.

If you have been on the hunt for the best exercise tights in Australia, then you have come to the right place. d+k provide amazing quality exercise tights online and the best part is that our brand produces these clothes right here in Brisbane.

What Makes Our Exercise Tights The Best

All our garments are ethically made and so you can wear fashionable workout gear without having to contribute more to destructive behaviour on the environment. We like to make our products as convenient for you as possible as we know that many customers actively try to manage getting in enough exercise with busy days working in the office.

What To Do After You Order Exercise Tights Online

Balancing exercise with work can be tricky, but it is vitally important that you learn to do this for your overall health and wellbeing. A one hour workout is only 4% of your day, so no matter how busy you are, there are no excuses not to incorporate this at least a few times per week. Here, we are taking you through some of our top tips to juggle exercise and work.

  • Do you work a typical 9 to 5 job with a 1 hour lunch break? Then why not make the most of this time and squeeze in a workout. You could go to a nearby gym or even just go for a walk around your office area. This will allow you to come back and tackle the rest of your day freshly motivated and you can enjoy your evenings to yourself!
  • Alongside heading to a local gym at lunch, you may want to see if any of your office coworkers are interested in joining you. You are far more likely to go to the gym on your lunch break if you have a friend with you for motivation. What’s more, if they are at a better fitness level than you are, this will provide you with even more motivation to really smash your workout.
  • Being prepared is the best way to balance exercise with work, so always make sure that you are bringing in a t-shirt, trainers and exercise tights in a gym bag with you to the office. This means that you can head straight to the gym after work for a great exercise session. You know you are far more likely to actually go than if you have to head home first to get your gym clothes!
  • In recent years, we have seen more and more 24 hour gyms opening. This is a great option for those who work irregular shifts and need their gym workout schedule to be flexible.

Order The Best Exercise Tights In Australia Today

At d+k, we provide high-quality workout gear and exercise tights in Australia. Our brand promotes a fit, healthy and ethical lifestyle and we love to help our customers feel great about themselves both mentally and physically. You can find out more about the gym clothing we sell here on our website through the FAQ’s and About Us page, or you can send us over an email via the on-site enquiry form.

We promise to never compromise on fit, function, or fashion. That's why all of our garments are designed and manufactured right here in Australia. This includes our ethical activewear & sportswear and our line of australian made gym leggings. Plus, with our worldwide shipping you can get your fix of australian yoga clothing brands anywhere you go. We look forward to hearing from you.

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