Sustainable Activewear

Many of us don’t really give a thought to how our activewear was produced. As long as it looks good, performs well and lasts, we’re satisfied with our purchases. But what if you could buy high-quality, high-performance workout clothing that meets all Australian standards for ethical clothing manufacturing?

At d+k, we produce a range of sustainable activewear from our manufacturing facility in Brisbane. All our garments are designed, manufactured and shipped Australia wide by our committed d+k team in a purpose-built facility that even generates its own power! We’ve invested in the latest technology to give you some of the best quality activewear on the market and recycle and repurpose any surplus materials whenever possible. This means that we control the quality of our products and we control the manufacturing conditions, and we believe that’s what makes us a leading supplier of Australian made ethical activewear.

Sustainable Activewear for Every Activity

Whether you’re a runner, a gym bunny, a yogi or you just prefer to wear activewear as leisurewear; you’ll find an exciting range of workout clothing in our online store. We have garments to suit every body, shape and size and offer everything from sustainable leggings, pants, tops and jackets to sustainable yoga clothes.

We understand how the body moves and what makes a good piece of activewear so whether you’re choosing a pair of leggings that will stay put and stay opaque while you squat or you want a top that won’t ride up when you’re performing a downward facing dog, you’ll find your perfect piece of activewear in our online store.

Our Sustainable Workout Clothes are Designed with YOU in Mind

While our business is built on sustainability, we wouldn’t get far if our clothes weren’t fit for purpose. And that’s why we manufacture our garments from high-quality technical fabrics that move and breathe with you like a second skin.

But more than this, we believe that being active and having suitable clothing for all kinds of activities should be accessible to everyone, no matter what your body shape or size. So, when you shop at d+k, you’ll find designs that will help to boost your confidence, love the body you’re in and engage in activities with an enthusiasm that comes from feeling stylish and comfortable.

We’re all about being inclusive and that’s why we’ve extended our range to include styles to accommodate growing baby bumps – we believe you shouldn’t stop exercising just because you’re pregnant or because you can’t find suitable pregnancy activewear!

Activewear With a Sustainable Mindset

Yes, we know that it’s possible to buy cheap activewear in Australia. But more times than not, those garments have been made halfway around the world with cheap labour and then flown all the way here for our consumption.

It’s time to become more responsible about the purchases we make – and that starts by purchasing goods made in Australia. So the next time you need new activewear, place an order with us and do your little bit for the environment.

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You and be ethical in d+k Australian made sustainable activewear.

What is Sustainable-Made Activewear?

There’s a lot of talk at the moment about sustainable clothing and sustainable fashion and when it comes to finding a definition of sustainable clothing, there are many different answers. However, we think that most people would agree that sustainable clothing is all about garments that reduce the environmental impact. It’s clothing that’s made in a way that supports and nourishes the earth but also the lives of all the people who are involved in the process.

At d+k, our sustainable activewear is made right here in Australia to reduce the environmental impact. We also employ Australian workers who are paid well and who work in an environment that’s subject to stringent health and safety laws.

For this reason, we believe that we offer some of the best sustainable activewear available in Australia today because it’s made by Australians for Australians.

Why Buy Sustainable Activewear?

There are many reasons for choosing to buy sustainable athletic wear, especially if you’re trying to do your little bit to save the planet.

For starters, it’s better for the earth as it helps to reduce the enormous environmental footprint left behind by the fashion and sportswear industry. By electing to use organic fibres and sustainable fabrics, we decrease our carbon footprint and cut the amount of chemicals that are used to process, treat and dye fabrics.

While many clothing manufacturers are now trying to make things better for the workers in the Far East * Change to around the globe and other countries known for clothing manufacture, we do away with having things made abroad completely. All our garments are made right here in Brisbane, so we have complete control over the manufacturing process. Plus, as we’ve already mentioned, we do our utmost to recycle waste materials as much as possible.

And finally, it lasts longer. Choosing to buy high-quality, sustainable activewear will mean that you’ll get better quality garments that, with proper care, will last longer. This means that you won’t have to replace them so often and there’ll be less waste going into landfill.

d+k Activewear is Sustainable & Eco-Minded

d+k is the only place that you need to shop for the best sustainable activewear. Now, more than ever before, people are becoming increasingly aware of the environmental impact that we all have and the effects that this is having on our planet with climate change. For this reason, many people only want to buy sustainable activewear in Australia.

Our sustainable athletic wear is what makes d+k the best company to order from as you can do so with complete peace of mind that you are limiting your environmental impact contribution. You can learn more below about our company’s sustainability and why you should purchase from us.

About Our Environmental Awareness

At the core of d+k, we are a company who want to produce ethical, environmentally responsible and sustainable activewear and we challenge the fast fashion industry….the fast fashion that is having seriously damaging effects on our environment. Find out more here about our core values.

  • Sustainability - As a company, we pride ourselves on making clothes in a sustainable way with as little impact as possible on the Earth. All our energy needs are produced by us and we are lucky enough that we produce more energy than we need and so this can go back into the grid. Items on our premises that cannot be used again will always be recycled and we ensure that recycling is made as easy as possible in our business. If we have any materials that we cannot reuse or recycle, we will find other uses for such as sending it to our sampling department or donating it to design students.
  • Ethical Priorities - One of our top priorities at d+k is our ethics and this is exactly what our customers love about our brand. It can be difficult to find brands that share the same ethics as you, and we love being able to offer this to our customers. Our products are all Australian made right from the design of the product through to it being cut and sewn together. Our clothing kilometres are minimal as we house the process under one roof and we always ensure that we are 100% compliant for clothing manufacturing ethical standards in Australia.

Getting In Touch With d+k

Getting in touch with the team here at d+k is incredibly easy as we have an enquiry form over on our contact page for you to use and send to us. You can always expect a fast response from our amazing customer service team. We have a variety of shipping methods available and you will be pleased to hear that all orders of $100 or more will be shipped in Australia free of charge. So, what are you waiting for? Start ethically shopping with d+k today!

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Isn’t it Time You Chose Sustainable Activewear?

If you want to do your little bit for the environment, it’s time to change the way you choose and buy clothing. Yes, we understand the thrill of buying new items every few weeks or even every week, but it’s not good for the environment and it’s not good for your pocket. If you just make a pledge to only buy sustainable activewear, Australia would very quickly become a better place.

So, why not place an order today and see for yourself that sustainable and ethical doesn’t have to mean boring? Our garments are stylish, made from high-performance fabrics and full of practical and technical features to keep you comfortable, cool and fresh.

If you do have any questions about our manufacturing process that we haven’t addressed on our site, just get in touch either via email or our online contact form and we’ll be happy to answer them for you.

d+k is a Brisbane based online garment retailer that focuses on sustainable activewear. They sell all types of workout clothes and ethical sportswear, as well as maternity activewear for women. Browse our website or contact us for more information.

We promise to never compromise on fit, function, or fashion. That's why all of our garments are designed and manufactured right here in Australia. This includes our ethical yoga clothing and our line of maternity activewear. Plus, with our worldwide shipping you can get your fix of maternity exercise tights anywhere you go. We look forward to hearing from you.

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