Gym Pants for Men, from dk active

Whether you’re a casual gym-goer, a fitness fanatic or a total couch potato, a pair of comfy fitness pants are a must-have in any man’s wardrobe. Our range of men’s gym pants are great all-rounders – they’ll keep you performing at your peak in the gym, and they’re also stylish enough to turn heads when you step outside your workout environment.


  Where fashion meets function

When you’re pushing your limits in the gym or on the pitch, your fitness clothing can really help or hinder you. Our men’s gym pants have gone high-tech to help you smash your fitness goals, with clever design features and high-performance materials that work with your body to help keep you free and comfortable when the going gets tough. These pants are stylishly cut and crafted from premium fabrics, so they’ll keep you looking good even while you break a sweat. Our men’s activewear pants aren’t just fit for the gym, either. These lightweight, multi-functional and extremely wearable garments are stylish enough to wear to the pub, the beach, the shops, or when you just want to relax on the couch.

  Putting your comfort first

Don’t underestimate the importance of a great-fitting pair of pants during both your workouts and your downtime. Comfort should be at the top of your list when it comes to choosing your fit kit, and a super-soft pair of gym pants are a must-have for days spent lounging around at home too. When you’ve psyched yourself up for a workout and made it onto the treadmill or exercise bike, the last thing you want is a pair of baggy, clingy or distracting workout gear that will put you off your stride. That’s why when you want to maximise your effort and your time in the gym, finding the right fit, materials and size of pants is non-negotiable.

  When it comes to fitness fabrics, keep it natural and go organic

Any serious athlete knows that the fabrics you wear when you’re on the pitch or the court can make a big difference to your game. Clothing made from plastic-based or rubber-based materials can stop sweat easily evaporating off your skin, and put you at risk of overheating. When it comes to gym gear, it’s better to keep your fibres 100% natural. That’s why we’ve included certified organic bamboo French terry for our fitness pants. This organic material offers breathable, natural comfort through even the longest training session. Grab your pair today and feel the difference that going organic can make to your game.

We design activewear pants for men in a range of styles so that you are sure to find a style that suits your style.

  Lightweight pants that offer full mobility

Despite their super soft and cosy feel, our men’s gym pants are also incredibly lightweight, which means they won’t weigh you down on your morning jog or pilates class. The four-way stretch technology means you’ll have a full range of motion on the pitch, court or track too. Close-fitting but never restrictive, these fitness pants will move with you through every swerve, swing, jump and dive without ever restricting movement.

  Impeccable fits

If you want to get the most out of your workout, it’s imperative that your gym clothes are the perfect fit for both you and your sport. Ill-fitting fitness garments can get in the way of your equipment and your body, leading to disrupted workouts and putting you at risk of an accident too. Steer clear of baggy, wide-leg and generally loose-fitting gym pants, particularly if you’re a runner or cyclist, as the surplus fabric can easily trip you up or get tangled in bike pedals. Our gym pants are made in a regular fit that strikes the perfect balance between loose and snug. They’re fitted enough for activities like yoga, pilates or spin, and loose enough to let the air circulate freely during sweaty HIIT workouts or a tough session in the weights room.

  Purpose-built pants designed specifically for sport

The best gym clothes are designed to make working out as comfortable and fuss-free as possible. Don’t be fooled by their good looks, rest assured our men’s gym pants are geared specifically for sport. That means we’ve thought about every little detail that can impact your sports performance. Whether you’re working out on the treadmill, the track, the pitch or in the weights room, we’ve thought about your clothes so you don’t have to.

  Keep your cool in the hot Aussie sun

When the intensity cranks up and you really begin to really feel the heat, our ultra-lightweight, super breathable and moisture-wicking fitness pants will be there to help you keep your cool. Keeping the Australian climate in mind, we’ve carefully chosen fabrics that will work hard to regulate your temperature no matter what the weather is doing outside. These breathable materials offer excellent air ventilation to reduce your risk of overheating – essential for men who like to work, play and train in the hot Australian sun.

  High-performance fabrics built for high-performing athletes

After a tough training session, you’ll probably feel tired, sore and – hopefully – fit and fantastic, but you’ll most likely be soaked in sweat too. Sweat can be a sign that you’ve pushed yourself hard through a really great cardio or strength workout, but it can also be an incredible nuisance when you’re in the middle of an intense sesh. Our high-performing fitness pants are equipped with special sweat-wicking technology to keep you cool, fresh and distraction-free so you can keep performing at your peak even in the toughest conditions. They’re a must-have for men who want to push themselves to the limit, whether on the bike, rowing machine or treadmill.

  Don’t sweat it

Don’t spend your next workout sweat-soaked and uncomfortable in poor-quality workout gear. Our sweat-resistant gym pants are specially crafted from sweat-wicking materials so that they won’t cling to your legs when you’re getting hot and heavy. Instead, they swiftly move moisture away from your skin, helping it to evaporate quickly. That means you’ll stay dry and fresh when you’re smashing sets on the tennis court, pumping iron in the weights room or striving towards a new PB on the race track. Our clever men’s activewear pants are made from quick-drying materials too, so you can wear them comfortably even after you’ve stopped moving.

  All-purpose pants that will take you anywhere

Your day can take you to any number of places, so why should your gym pants be any different? Comfortable, functional and fashionable too, our versatile men’s fitness pants have been designed to look good both at the gym and on the go. Pop them on for a quick morning sesh at the gym or yoga studio and keep them on for your afternoon shop or coffee shop, through to an evening spent relaxing at home. The sweat-wicking, breathable fabrics help prevent nasty odours from building up while the quick-drying properties of these fitness pants mean you’ll be street-ready in a flash. Ready for wherever life takes you, these on-trend garments are truly where style meets function.

  Complete the look

Athleisure has really taken the fashion and the fitness world by storm, with modern gym wear and sports sneakers crossing over into the realm of streetwear and even high fashion, and vice versa. Our fitness pants have been created to effortlessly blend into both your casual wear and gym wear wardrobes so you don’t have to think twice about what to put on in the morning. Our classic colour palettes mean these gym pants can be easily coordinated with the clothes you already own and dressed up or down as the occasion demands. Pair your multi-functional pants with a well-fitted tank, tee or long-sleeved cotton top in grey or cream for casual laid back style during the day, or smarten them up with a crisp white shirt for a night out. Throw one of our super stylish jackets or hoodies on top to complete your post-workout look or everyday casual wear outfit.

  Roomy side pockets for all your essentials

Without a doubt, among the best-loved features in our functional range of men’s gym pants are the roomy side pockets. Use them to keep your cash, keys, mobile phone and other essentials secure and close at hand when you’re at the weights room or training track. More of a couch potato? These deep side pockets also provide a handy place to put that TV remote.

  Ethically-manufactured right here in Australia

dk active is dedicated to ethical and sustainable practices. We believe in creating activewear that’s practical, stylish and has a minimal impact on our planet. Our ultra-soft men’s fitness pants have been crafted ethically in our solar-powered HQ in Brisbane, Australia, so you can wear them with eco-pride.

  Drawcord waists for an easily adjustable, custom fit

Some of our men’s fitness pants come with a low-rise waistband equipped with a drawcord closure. This easy adjustability ensures that you have the perfect fit, every time – ideal for the no-fuss active sportsman who wants customisable comfort in a hurry. Our shorts are designed to comfortably fit a variety of physiques, ensuring your comfort comes first and that high performance is guaranteed.

  High-quality fabrics for regular gym goers

Work. Train. Sleep. Repeat. If this is your daily routine, then you need a pair of our super-durable men’s fitness pants in your kit. We know that when you work out regularly, you’re in your gym pants a lot. That’s why we’ve chosen durable, high-quality fabrics for our men’s fitness pants that will withstand regular sweaty sessions at the gym and frequent spins in the washing machine without losing their shape or colour. Replace your threadbare old gym pants with a pair of our quality French terry fitness pants today and you’ll soon see the difference.

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