Womens Maternity Activewear

Sometimes it can be difficult to find suitable exercise clothing to accommodate your growing bump. At d+k, we understand the importance of continuing to be active while pregnant and the importance of being able to buy maternity activewear that’s comfortable and supportive.

Stylish but Functional Maternity Activewear

We’re one of the most forward-thinking suppliers of maternity activewear Australia wide as we don’t just provide clothing that’s suitable for pre and postnatal workouts, but all our activewear *is made right here in Australia to be ethical and sustainable too. Our clothing is available to purchase by pre-order via our online store and can delivered directly to your door, so you don’t have to miss a workout.

Getting to grips with exercise as your body changes shape can be a daunting prospect, especially when you’re worried about finding gym clothing to fit your expanding tummy. Our activewear maternity garments has been designed to not only stretch around your bump but to give gentle support too. For example, our maternity exercise tights feature a high-rise waistband that can be rolled down or worn fully extended together with a concealed prenatal support elastic band that gently cradles your bump for extra comfort and to provide extra support for your lower back.

Combine your leggings with a maternity crop top which will give your breasts all the support you need and adequate coverage for those moves when bending down is a must. They’re the perfect twosome for making you feel stylish and feminine in the gym as your pregnancy progresses and make an ideal postnatal workout outfit once the bub has arrived.

Manufactured from our custom Elixir fabric, our maternity workout clothing will keep you cool and comfortable as you exercise and ensure that your modesty is preserved at all times; plus, it won’t rub or chafe or dig in to leave uncomfortable marks. And when your precious baby arrives, your maternity wear will do double duty during your postnatal exercises.

Activewear Made with Maternity in Mind

As you bring the next generation into the world, spare a thought for the environment. What kind of legacy are we leaving for our children if we continue to import cheap clothing from the other side of the planet? At d+k, all of our garments are designed, manufactured and shipped from our manufacturing facility in Brisbane, so we’re not just reducing our carbon footprint, but we’re creating jobs for our country.

As part of the Australian Made Campaign, we put our energies into supporting home-grown talent and the Aussie job market while creating high-quality maternity gym clothing that will help you to feel strong and confident as your pregnancy progresses.

Buy Your Maternity Activewear Today

Order your maternity activewear online from us here at d+k and keep your body strong and supple. We deliver all our maternity sportswear Australia wide and offer the option of using Afterpay or zip to keep your purchases more affordable.

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You and be pregnant in d+k Australian made maternity activewear.

Exercise in our Pregnancy Activewear

Most medical professionals would recommend that you continue to exercise during your pregnancy. However, while keeping active at the gym or fitting some running into your busy schedule can be of great benefit while you’re pregnant, finding exercise clothing to accommodate your changing body can often be challenging.

At d+k, we understand that you need clothing that will not only grow with you, but that’s comfortable and supportive too, and that’s why we’ve developed a range of pregnancy activewear that will make you look and feel your best as you exercise.

Take a look at our selection of pregnancy activewear now, and you’ll see that while we take comfort and functionality very seriously indeed, we never compromise on style. Our clothes are designed to be worn right from the first trimester through to the third trimester and can even be worn by postnatal mums who are looking to get back to an exercise routine once your bubba is born.

Stylish but Functional Pregnancy Activewear

We all like to look our best in the gym, but we like our clothes to be comfortable, practical and functional too. And this is even more important when we’re pregnant. Our pregnancy exercise wear has been carefully designed to stretch with your body as you grow while giving your expanding baby bump all the support it needs.

Take our pregnancy exercise tights for example. They’ve been constructed to include a prenatal support elastic band which is hidden beneath a high-rise waistband which can either be worn fully extended to cover your bump or rolled down. The tights give both your bump and your lower back the extra support they need when you’re exercising, but they’re also a fantastic option to wear outside of the gym too.

To finish off your outfit, we offer maternity crops which are designed to offer support for growing breasts while ensuring that your modesty stays intact. They pair well with our leggings or can be worn as a maternity bra to give you comfortable support throughout your pregnancy and after the birth. What’s more, the added bonus of a hidden inner bralette which provides extra coverage while you breastfeed your bub makes this top a godsend for every new mum.

Womens Activewear For Pregnancy: Made in Australia

When you choose to buy your activewear for pregnancy from d+k, you can rest assured that you’ll not only be getting high-quality, high-performance garments that will last throughout your whole pregnancy and beyond, but you’ll be getting ethically made gym wear that’s been designed, cut and sewn right here in our manufacturing facility in Brisbane. We take great pride in the activewear that we produce and the fact that we do it in a sustainable manner.

Furthermore, as part of the Australian Made Campaign, we’ve created a business that supports Australian talent and workers, and we offer all our customers both old and new the very best in activewear and the very best in customer service. When you invest in d+k pregnancy exercise clothing, you’ll not only be investing in yourself, but you’ll also be investing in our great country.

Stay Active with d+k Pregnancy Wear

It’s more important than ever to keep your body moving. Our maternity wear is available by pre-order, and you can spread the cost with afterpay or zip.

Be Bold. Be Brave. Be You in d+k Australian made pregnancy activewear.

Look Great and Feel Great In Our Pregnancy Activewear

Staying fit and healthy during pregnancy helps you bounce back to good health and a fit body much quicker once your little one is born.

At d+k we sell a wide range of pregnancy activewear in Australia that will help you look your best, stay in shape and enjoy a comfortable pregnancy. Our range includes various clothing types such as tights, maternity tops and bras, nursing tops and bras and much more.

All of our clothing is made of fine quality materials that will last you a long time, and that will give you great comfort and functionality throughout your pregnancy.

Good Reasons to Invest In the Best Pregnancy Activewear

If you have to pick between oversized clothing and pregnancy fitness clothes then always go for the latter, especially when you can buy from the d+k range. Here are the top reasons to choose pregnancy sports clothing for this special time in your life;

Fine quality materials - Our clothing ranges are all made of the finest quality fabrics and materials. The Luxe Italian Lycra fabric is highly durable and very stretchy so you can move with great ease and our tights are fitted with special panelling or bamboo elastic waistbands that give you the best support during pregnancy while making you feel comfortable at all times.

Our clothing boosts your health - The fabrics and designs used in our maternity activewear benefit your health in different ways. The light compression fit promotes blood circulation throughout your body. A specially designed waistband in our tights supports your heavy and growing belly perfectly and prevents clothing from rolling up or down. Our clothing also has moisture-wicking abilities that will keep you nice and dry so you won’t catch a chill during workouts.

Comfortable fit - These clothes are made of soft, smooth fabrics and have waistbands that don’t squish you too tightly. You will feel perfectly comfortable whether you are relaxing at home or working out in the gym.

Multiple functionality - The d+k range is so stylish you can wear it at the gym, as comfortable home wear or combine our outfits with your normal wear so you can look great and feel snug at work.

Perfect for post-maternal wear - The elastic capabilities of our clothing makes these ranges perfect for post-maternal wear. Our tights are designed to help push back your tummy and lend you the support you need.

Buy Your Pregnancy Activewear Online

You can buy our fine quality maternity activewear directly from our website. d+k delivers across Australia and globally, and we work through afterpay so you can stock your closet on fine maternity wear and enjoy a comfortable fortnightly payments that suit your budget.

One of the latest fashion trends to sweep the nation, and the globe really, is ‘athleisure’. This, of course, is wearing activewear without being in the gym and is something which 10 years ago absolutely no one would’ve thought of doing. Why? Because it’s comfy! That’s what makes these looks fantastic for those of us who happen to be with child.

Are You Looking For Women's Maternity Activewear?

At d+k, we have designed our range of women’s maternity activewear to be comfortable, stylish, and practical. This means you can use it for both “outside acceptable” style when we don’t feel like putting on real pants, and for actual activewear that is going to support you and your changing body as your pregnancy progresses and you need different levels and types of support.

WhatMaternity Activewear Does d+k Have For Sale?

At d+k, we offer some of the best women’s maternity activewear that Australia has to offer. They’re not only of the highest quality, but they’re offered at some of the most affordable prices. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that they’re the highest quality garments you will have ever seen or placed on your body. Some of our best selling and our client’s favourite pieces of women’s maternity activewear include:

  • Our Isabella singlet – Branded with our d+k logo, the ‘Isabella’ singlet is made from soft jersey cotton; a comfortable. ultra breathable fabric, which contains stretch technology. This, in turn, provides coverage and support for your growing bump as you exercise. The singlet comes with adjustable straps, ensuring your perfect fit, and is available in sizes XS (AU / UK size 6 or US size 4) through to XXL (AU / UK size 16 or US size 12). It’s available to purchase in either black or grey and features a built in shelf bra, for additional support.

Stay Active During Your Pregnancy

If you do decide to use your activewear to exercise in, that also has additional benefits, as opposed to just being comfortable and stylish. These can include simple things from preventing excessive weight gain (because we all know how that pregnancy can be an excuse for another cookie and none of the guilt!) to helping you to sleep better, reducing backache, constipation, swelling and bloating, and boosting your mood and energy levels.

As with all exercise, it’s also going to promote muscle tone and increase both your strength and your levels of endurance, which will inevitably come in useful later on in your pregnancy. It can lower your risk of gestational diabetes and other complications such as pre-eclampsia. Exercising during pregnancy can also reduce the risk of you needing to have a C-section, and it can even lead to you having a shorter labour overall, but every pregnancy is different, so take that with a pinch of salt!

If you’d like to place an order for our maternity activewear, then you can do so on our website 24 hour a day 7 days a week. If you have questions that need answering, you can use the enquiry form – found under the ‘contact us’ tab at the top of our website – to ask the questions that you have, and one of our team will get back to you.

We promise to never compromise on fit, function, or fashion. That's why all of our garments are designed and manufactured right here in Australia. This includes our maternity exercise tights and our line of maternity gym wear. Plus, with our worldwide shipping you can get your fix of maternity activewear pants anywhere you go. We look forward to hearing from you.

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Do the very best for you and your baby with our maternity and pregnancy activewear

Having a baby is the most wonderful experience, and we want to help you enjoy it to the fullest! At dk active, we’re here to support you every step of the way during and after your pregnancy and childbirth with one of the most comprehensive ranges of maternity activewear in Australia.

It is well-known that taking some gentle exercise during pregnancy can be beneficial for you and your baby, as long as it’s done safely. And, when you’ve given birth, you’ll want to get fit and active again as quickly as possible, so you can enjoy a full quality of life with your new baby! But, during pregnancy and when you’re a new mum, it’s vital that you have the right clothing to exercise in, so the experience can be as comfortable and fulfilling as possible. It can be hard for women to find the right clothes for the gym or exercise classes while pregnant or after giving birth, and this makes some expectant mums feel reluctant to exercise the way they want to.

This is why we’ve put a huge amount of effort into designing and producing our range of maternity activewear. We knew the clothing would have to be comfortable, breathable, and supportive. Working right here in our factory based in Brisbane, Australia, we created this exciting range especially for expecting and new mums, helping you to look and feel great throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

Supportive, comfortable maternity activewear

We’ve done our very best to help you enjoy exercising during and after pregnancy with our range of maternity activewear. From comfortable tank tops to bike pants and yoga tights, our collection contains everything you need to exercise gently with the right support.

We understand that pregnancy comes with its own unique set of challenges, particularly when it comes to exercising. This is why we have carefully selected fabrics that are comfortable, breathable, and move with your body, enabling you to exercise freely while still feeling fresh and relaxed. Exercise during pregnancy is as much about looking after your mental and emotional wellbeing as it is about taking care of your physical condition, and we want to make sure you can enjoy a stress-free workout, which provides plenty of positive benefits for you and your baby.

Our pregnancy activewear is designed to be as supportive as possible for your baby bump. We use specialist fabrics containing soft elastic that won’t fall down, providing you and your baby with support and comfort. We also use an innovative bamboo lining that has moisture-wicking properties and keeps you cool as you exercise.

And, for new mums, we offer tanks and bra tops that are specially designed to make nursing easy and discreet! This way, you can easily bring a baby with you to the gym with no hassle at all.

You look fabulous during your pregnancy, and we firmly believe that you shouldn’t have to compromise on style. This is why our maternity activewear is available in a wide range of different colours and designs. You can use this opportunity to express your individuality like never before! And, we cater for sizes from XS through to XXL, so whatever stage of pregnancy you’re at and whatever your body type, it’s easy to find workout clothes that make you look and feel great.

Of course, there’s no reason why our maternity activewear has to be confined to the gym. It’s so comfortable and looks so great that you can enjoy it just as much when you’re relaxing at home or enjoying a casual occasion out with friends. We have deliberately designed our collection to be as versatile as possible, as well as strong and durable, so you can get maximum wear out of every item you buy. Value for money is even more important to you when you’re a mum, and we want to provide you with clothing you can love every day during your pregnancy, boosting your confidence and helping you feel even better about yourself.

Being a mum is wonderful, but it doesn’t mean you have to stop being you! At dk active, we want to promote body confidence for every woman, every day of her life.

Creating a better future for you and your baby

We’re an ethical company, and we care passionately about the future of the planet. We know you want to bring your baby into the best possible world, and this is why we do everything we can to take care of the natural resources our planet has to offer.

Our maternity activewear comes from sustainable, ethical sources. We personally visit our suppliers to make sure they use best practice when it comes to their staff and the environment. Our clothing is produced using sustainable practices that cause only the absolute minimal environmental impact. 

This way, we’re doing our bit to preserve our precious planet for your children and their children, too. 

Buy maternity activewear online

At dk active, we want to make it easy for you to purchase the pregnancy activewear you love. Our payment process is simple, straightforward, and completely secure, and we process all orders quickly, so you’ll receive your order within a few days.

We offer flat-rate shipping on all our maternity activewear in Australia, so you can order as many items as you want without having to pay extra. And, if you spend over $100 on one order, we’ll ship it to you completely FREE!

We’re also here for you long after you’ve given birth, with our range of regular women’s activewear. It’s perfect for when you want to return to your full exercise regimen. This range is constantly being added to, so you can check out our New Arrivals whenever you want to see what’s trending in the world of activewear.

Be sure to check out our Sale page for the latest trends!

You can check out our full collection of maternity activewear here. And, if you have any questions about any of the garments we sell, please contact us, and we’ll always be happy to help.