Three Brands Contributing To the #Waronwaste That Inspire Us!



It’s no secret that we’re all about our eco friendly activewear here at dk active.


Our standards are to reduce, reuse and recycle at every point of garment production - just check our Sustainability statement!


So naturally, it excites us to see our fave brands take to the #waronwaste too.




In the words of Aussie entrepreneur and all-round Boss Lady at Adore Beauty, Kate Morris, ‘if it's wrong to be this excited about cardboard boxes, then I don't wanna be right’. Us too, Kate! The one-stop beauty shop announced last month that all Adore Beauty shipping boxes will be made from recycled cardboard; but wait - there’s more! Leading the way for eco-shipping, Adore Beauty’s warehouse has implemented new software that determines the right box size for the shape and volume of online orders.




Now for a small jump across the waters to our friends in New Zealand, we’d like to introduce to you Karen Murrell's premium (and environmentally friendly!) lipsticks. First off, we can smell this just by reading it: Karen Murrell lipsticks feature a ‘natural formula of avocado and evening primrose oils, candelilla, carnauba wax, cinnamon and sweet orange'. As if that au naturel recipe doesn’t intrigue you, the brand only uses recycled lippy canisters printed with vegetable-based inks on sustainably sourced paper. And the cherry on top - no animal testing! We’re really loving Peony Petal because it matches our peachy sweet set below perfectly!





When I walk in the kitchen, this is what I see: a whole pantry of Biome kitchenware starin’ at me!

We’d like to introduce our very own Brissie treasure, Biome. Boasting a spread of not one, but FOUR Brisbane-based brick-and-mortar stores and an impressive online catalogue, there is no item in your house that can’t be free of everything! Well maybe not free, free but the kind of free that is toxin free, cruelty free, packaging free, BPA free, single-use free and Palm Oil free. Every product Biome sells has been pitted against strict standards to ensure that the environment and ethics are at the height of importance. We love!


Who are your favourite ethical labels? Leave us a comment below!